Disaster Strikes



Obsidius, Cybella and Syphax: This traveling party spanned the globe as part of a journey to discover more about what we now know to be XM.

Now, in this most recent letter from Obsidius to his friend Marcus, it seems the group had began to fragment, with Syphax leaving in suspicious circumstances and having stolen the ancient Obsidan Glyph-marked arrowheads.

Transcript of the letter:


Disaster has struck. The arrowheads marked with symbols have been stolen and Syphax has vanished with the Northmen and most of our belongings. In truth, I am happy not to have been killed.

At this juncture, I am not sure how and if I can make my way home, but I will endeavor to do so. It is our good fortune that Cybella seems to be held in great regard by the priests of this land and they are fascinated with some of the other Obsidian artifacts I have in my possession, though I fear they intend to use them for dark rites, some of which I believe require human sacrifices.

Oh Marcus… The things I have seen. I look forward one day to writing memoirs by the Tiber, for if I do return, I vow to never venture outside the first milestone of Rome.92w689i697e6869497y297o6f1kG9389i2929292s28796j6b2z4i391e3

In the unlikely event that this missive precedes me, you must do this for me. You must warn Titus of the Shield that the Vesuvian Magnus intends to activate. It is much more than a mere Shield. I do not know whether their primus is aware of this, but Cybella has dark forebodings about it. She describes her visions as ‘Faced like Janus.’ While I lack Cybella’s gifts, I sense nothing but danger.6otl9dksui2d0k



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