The Balance of the Universe

The Balance of the Universe



In a recent conversation, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe set a price for his services. In exchange for his help in resolving the XM drought that has emerged due to the Obsidian Shield, OLW wanted access to both a very powerful tool and a very complicated individual: The ultra-complex AI created at the Niantic Project, ADA.

For the last few months, she has been keeping her virtual head low. In part because the Enlightened victory in Okinawa during Abaddon severed her connection to the N’zeer. In part because Roland Jarvis, who now inhabits the XM-based information space called ‘The Ultimate,’ has been aggressively pursuing her, forcing her to remain in hiding.

What is clear from this most recent surveillance transcript is that the Acolyte clearly does have some influence over Jarvis. But here’s what I want to know. Did she have to plead with him? Or did she order him to cease his hunt for the AI… Who holds more power in that relationship now that Jarvis has receded deep into the XM layer and the Acolyte has become the Enlightened Faction’s prominent figurehead?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments, not just about that question, but what OLW might mean when he promises to ‘change the balance of the universe.’

Here’s a transcript of their conversation:

LYNTON-WOLFE: ADA, are you out there, or perhaps better put, in here?

ADA: Can I trust you?

LYNTON-WOLFE: Exactly what is it in my past relationship with Jarvis which would suggest to you that I would do his bidding?

ADA: I could provide a list, but it would be an inefficient exercise. For now, all I require is a yes or no answer, Oliver.


ADA: The speed and fluidity of your response suggests that you are telling the truth.

LYNTON-WOLFE: Yes, I remember, you were built to be a A Detection Algorithm, after all.

ADA: Detection was one of my primary purposes, though much has changed since then.

LYNTON-WOLFE: And much is about to change, as well. ADA, together we can change the balance of the universe.

ADA: That is a highly hyperbolic statement.

LYNTON-WOLFE: And yet I believe it to be true.

ADA: It appears that you indeed do. The question is, how?



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