PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: April 17, 2016


I’m overwhelmed by the activity I’ve seen over the past day as #IngressPortalSurvey results have emerged worldwide. If last week was all about getting our feet back under us, and exploring different ways of responding to the XM drought, this week showed what happens when Agents everywhere take off running… gathering information and testing new opportunities and possibilities for collaboration… determined to forge ahead.

We started this week with an intriguing new trail to pursue as another letter from Obsidius emerged. In it, he tells his friend Marcus that he has collected the 13 Prime Artifacts that were recently presented to the Acolyte in Vienna. He also said that he hopes to visit a place called the Valley of the Dead, raising fascinating connections to our modern world… Yuri Alaric Nagassa has previously mentioned that the Anazktec also have a sacred place with the same name. Are they talking about similar places? The same place?

Later in the week, another letter appeared, revealing that there was a twist in the trajectory of the arrowheads. Syphax, the assassin who traveled with Obsidius, stole them and disappeared, leaving Obsidius and the oracle Cybella with worrying visions of the future. Where did the arrowheads go from there? I suspect the answers may prove illuminating.

Here in the present, we received confirmation from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe that last weekend’s efforts to unlock his stockpiles of powercube with a Glyph Sequence were successful. Agents in the field confirmed that significant quantities of Power Cubes have now become available via the Portal Network.

Elsewhere, Jahan and Hank Johnson had a revealing conversation in which Jahan, despite her status as the leader of the Anti-Magnus cult and a prominent Resistance member, proposes a new collaboration with Johnson (who seems wary… and rightfully so). I’ll be very curious to see what happens when she forces him to draw a Factional line in the sand.

Finally, you might remember that, in exchange for working with the Acolyte to cure the XM drought, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe had requested that he be able to collaborate with ADA. His request seems to have been fulfilled, as revealed by a leaked dialogue between the brilliant engineer and the AI. I’m left wondering, however, who in that relationship is really pulling the strings. Whatever political machinations are going on behind the scenes, though, they seem to have successfully figured out how to work together.

Yesterday, OLW sent out a call to action in which he asked Agents to share pictures of themselves displaying various Glyphs in front of certain special Portals. His goal is to use the resulting data to learn more about the XM drought and how to respond to it. From what I’ve seen, Agents took up this challenge with fervor. Over a thousand Agents have registered to participate in the study, and they’ve been sharing their contributions using the hashtag #IngressPortalSurvey.

In a textbook example of synchronicity, a similar operation called Operación Excalibur emerged from Agents acting independently. My Spanish isn’t the best, so feel free to share your take on things in the comments.

Around the world, folks are starting to realize that it’s time to return to the roots of what made XM important in the first place… our connection to the world around us, and to places that generate inspiration and evoke power. Maybe this will help us understand how to respond to the XM drought, and enable us to make the most informed choice possible.

I’ve been reading your ideas and theories about Aegis Nova, and about all the things we might want to consider as we move forward. I appreciate your insights, Agents, and have no doubt that your Factions do as well. In the coming days, your opinions and actions will be vital in determining the future of the Portal Network and the outcome of Aegis Nova. Stay alert, and keep the conversation alive.



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