The Might of the Gods



In a final desperate attempt to stop the Vesuvian Magnus, Obsidius reached out to his leader, Titus.

In the aftermath of the Obsidian Anomalies, we can understand what the consequences of their actions might have been, but there’s more to uncover here.

We all know what happened at Mount Vesuvius. The question is, are these events related? If so, how? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s a transcript of the letter:

General Titus,

I have sent off many missives in all directions in hopes that one of them might find you and warn you of the activities of the Vesuvian Magnus. I know not whether they are operating out of ignorance or some plan I have no knowledge of. Suffice to say that they are meddling with what I believe to be the powers of the Gods. Power that emerges through creatures from beyond or within the stars and the aether which invades the very air of our world. I know not what the intentions of the Vesuvian Magnus are, but I must tell you that I have been swept by the raging sea to many lands. In all of these places the wisest men know of this 1dvp8mavviz1a7m distant force, though they describe it in different ways. And all of them are familiar with the shapes etched on the Arrowheads I discovered at the Līmina. Some fear these forms, others worship them. None ignore them.

The Arrowheads have now been stolen from me by the one known as Syphax, though he is known by different names in different lands, such are his abilities. It is my belief that even now he is endeavoring to hand them to the Vesuvian Magnus with the purpose of activating a shield imbued with the might of the Gods. I do not know the true nature of the shield but I must urge caution. Tales of calamity from similar endeavors are told even in these far places.m.lvkutzesvnuquevifdrvienort.hq

You must stop the Vesuvian Magnus before disaster strikes.

Your servant,


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