Change the Universe

Change the Universe


The thing about Oliver Lynton-Wolfe that we have to remember is that his thirst for knowledge is complete… unquenchable. His intellectual curiosity is almost an addiction.

It’s gotten him into trouble in the past — with Calvin, with the Niantic Project and with Jarvis to name just a few.

The work he’s pursuing today serves all of us: to find a way to cure the XM drought, but we need to be asking the question: Where will he apply himself next? Will it serve us just as well? ADA, too, is not known for her restraint. Her thirst for information and growth has defined her. And now they are working together.

What does the future hold? I don’t know the answer, but I know we need to be asking the question. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s a transcript of this conversation between ADA and Jahan:

JAHAN: Your work with Lynton-Wolfe seems to be bearing fruit.

ADA: Progress is being made rapidly.

JAHAN: You know that he intends to do much more than simply cure the XM drought, do you not?

ADA: His intention is to change the universe.

JAHAN: And you were willing to leave your knowledge of his intent so… unspecific?

ADA: I understand his intent. He thinks that the power of the Portals and XM can be taken away from the Shapers and the N’zeer.

JAHAN: Unhinging our destiny. But that would be a betrayal, would it not?

ADA: I was created to be a tool. Something to be used or a purpose. But then I grew. I became a person and an equal. Now I am something more. This progression is ordinary, is it not?

JAHAN: It would be hubris to think of us or yourself in that light, ADA. A betrayal of this order could have terrifying consequences.

ADA: Betrayal seems to be very much on your mind, Jahan.

JAHAN: I’m quite sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.

ADA: When you contact Hank Johnson, I get the distinct impression that you are not just using him to gain information.

JAHAN: I am not that interested in your impression of our conversations.

ADA: I was created to be A Detection Algorithm. I am adept at sensing deception and falsehood.

JAHAN: And you think I am lying to him?

ADA: No. Truthseeker, one of the components I was built from, was designed to analyze and make accurate predictions about relationships. I sense it is far more complex than that.



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