#IngressPortalSurvey ends. ‘A huge success,’ according to OLW.


Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s #IngressPortalSurvey has come to an end, and he and ADA have begun to analyze the results. He predicts that they will be able to return some XM to the Portals in the very near future. Just in time, it seems, as he reports that the Power Cube stockpile he was able to release some weeks ago has begun to run out.

Although the official survey window has ended, he encourages Agents to continue to send in #IngressPortalSurvey submissions. Additional research material is always welcome, he says. He also recommends Agents take part in the independent, Agent-organized research project, Operation: Excalibur.

Here is a transcript of his recent post:fglgkekgffjjblbaakbkjfglgfhke


My #IngressPortalSurvey has come to an end, and it’s been a huge success. Almost all the Glyphs and Portal combinations I had suggested were thoroughly tested (and tracked, thanks to a spreadsheet maintained by Agent +Jaime Quinonez), and in addition, hundreds if not thousands of additional surveys were conducted by Agents around the world at other Portals near them.

ADA and I will begin analyzing this data immediately, and I expect we’ll be able to return some XM to the Portal Network in the very near future, and not a moment too soon. The Power Cube stockpile I was able to release a few weeks ago is steadily dwindling.

Although I have closed down the event for the #IngressPortalSurvey, I encourage those of you who wish to conduct additional surveys to continue to do so, we will analyze the data as it comes in.  In addition, I encourage you to take part in the independent Agent-organized research mission, Operation: Excalibur.

I am keen to find new ways to approach solutions to the XM drought, and am confident that my research will continue to expand in scope and scale. I’ll need your help again, but after the#IngressPortalSurvey, I know that my field research needs will be in good hands. Stay tuned in for the challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you all for your participation.

-Oliver Lynton-Wolfe via Google+


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