The Eruption of Vesuvius


Obsidius returns to Pompeii only to find the city lost to a massive and tragic disaster. The question is: Was this somehow connected to the conspiracy surrounding the 13 Obsidian Arrowheads?

And if so… how?

Transcript of the letter:


I am sure news has traveled to you of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. I was minutes, hours too late. I heard a massive explosion and the air was filled with noxious fumes.

As I have suggested in my other missives, I do not believe that this was some trick of nature or a fickle act of the Gods. I know that the strange and terrible mission that has consumed my life for so many years lies at the heart of this disaster. I will attempt to learn the final fate of the Vesuvian Magnus and the marked Arrowheads when safe, but for now the pernicious death cloud hangs over the area and I know to stay away from it.

I have heard rumors that Pliny has died. It is my belief that he was at the center of the Vesuvian Magnus, but I can not be sure of it.wnndlxmvpvllxvylvxdmwlvmnxmdvwymwvwv

Oh, Marcus. All is lost.



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