Where Ideas Come From


There’s a rabbit-hole here. It goes deep, and it leads to an interesting (perhaps even an uncomfortable) question.

In the very recent past, two similar initiatives emerged: The first is the well known #IngressPortalSurvey by Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and ADA. Thousands of Agents answered that call, and we’ve seen its results over the course of the last week.

The idea was simple: Test the interaction between Glyphs and significant Portals around the world to study the Obsidian Shield and solve the XM drought.

The second, known as Operación Excalibur, had a similar idea: Create Glyphs around specific Portals (towers in this case, sites previously associated with Anti-Magnus activities). This grassroots initiative also activated a number of Agents around the world, and is now entering its final day (for those seeking to participate, act now).

So, here’s the rabbithole: Synchronicity*. The concept that when ideas emerge simultaneously, it’s not just a coincidence, there’s a meaningful connection.

So why did two separate groups of people have the same idea at the same time?

I don’t purport to know the answer, but I want to draw our attention to a past occurence of this in our own Investigation.

Before Jarvis was recruited to the Niantic Project, he had a falling out with a fellow artist named Ghear. They sued each other on charges of plagiarism. Jarvis assumed Ghear had stolen from him until they faced each other in court. And then, Jarvis had a shocking experience. Ghear described, in precise detail, an idea that Jarvis had been working with in his mind and had shared with no one.**


I promised at the start of this mental meandering that I would lead us to an interesting, and possibly uncomfortable question. Well here it is:

Jarvis eventually came to believe that the ideas that he and Ghear shared were not coming from within, but from somewhere else. The Shapers, he thought.

If that’s true, then the ideas for the #IngressPortalSurvey and #OpExcalibur, similarly, may not originate with their creators.

Lynton-Wolfe, ADA and the Agents behind Excalibur… they may all be following a path designed for them and delivered into their minds. And if that’s the case, we have to ask why.

Food for thought.


*It’s connected to a bunch of other ideas, like Multiple Discovery, Morphic Resonance, Akashic records, the Axial Age… even ‘inspiration‘ itself (remember, that word comes from the idea of the gods breathing a thought into you). This goes as deep as you’re willing to chase it…

**Multiple records for this exist, the most recent in Tycho’s Ingress: Origins.

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