PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: April 24, 2016


How do we interpret this past week?

One way is to see it as empowering: the efforts of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, ADA, and the Agents who participated in the #IngressPortalSurvey helped unravel the mysteries of the Obsidian Shield, counter the XM drought and place control of humanity’s destiny squarely in our own hands.

An alternate view would be that we are being pulled and pushed by larger forces at work, and #OpExcalibur, the #IngressPortalSurvey and the return of XM to the Portal Network are part of a bigger journey — one where we might not be in the driver’s seat.

I don’t think we have the answer yet, but we will if we stay ahead of things.

In a letter from Obsidius to Titus this week we learned that the ancient explorer was deeply concerned. He feared that the Vesuvian Magnus would use the Obsidian Arrowheads without regard for the consequences. A later letter, to Marcus, revealed that Obsidius arrived in Pompeii too late… the once great city had been destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The question we must ask is whether these two events were connected. If they are, the forces at work here are powerful in ways that previously we didn’t think possible.

OLW, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. The Acolyte made good on her word and opened a channel between him and ADA. Agents around the world rose to assist him, visiting Portals, testing Glyphs, and even tracking the data (though his initial research has ended, he continues to seek additional field tests). And building on all that energy, he managed to make some concrete progress. XM is back in the Portal Network, and just in time… (he shared that his Power Cube stockpile has been almost completely exhausted).

But some Agents have suggested that maybe the world is better off with less XM, such as in the comments here. Maybe these arguments support Jahan’s reticence, seen in a recent conversation between the Anti-Magnus leader and ADA. The point raised there is thought-provoking. We need to ask ourselves: What is best path forward? Should we attempt to wrest control of the Portals and XM away from the Shapers and the N’zeer? Or should we accept our role in this complex ecosystem — much of which we simply do not understand.

At the end of the day, when we look at the people who are using this situation to their advantage… OLW, ADA, even Jahan and the Acolyte… what do we know about their agendas? And like I asked yesterday, is it possible that they are being influenced by other forces?

Maybe I’m just paranoid these day, but after the lessons of Obsidian, I think we should be placing a premium on trust.


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