Acolyte's Compound Attacked?

Acolyte’s Compound Attacked?


This is developing.

A source sent this 911 dispatch log to me. A hiker in Northern California called in to report gunfire and a possible explosion in an area that’s associated with the Enlightened Compound.

The Compound was established by Roland Jarvis and is now run by the Acolyte. It’s unclear right now if Lynton-Wolfe is also present and conducting his research there.

I have no further details at this time  —  no information on the status of the Acolyte, Lynton-Wolfe or any of the other people who live and work at the Compound.

Given all the other intel I’ve been seeing recently, an attack of this nature is unexpected… No chatter has indicated a plan of this sort.qrfrvrifveohujghxbug

If you have any ideas on what might be going on, let me know in the comments. I’ll try and keep you all updated as more information emerges.

Transcript of 911 call:

DISPATCHER: Dispatcher Shanley. Where is your emergency?

CALLER: (INAUDIBLE). Somewhere up in the woods (INAUDIBLE).

DISPATCHER: Hello?wsrrk5r8oes2k6sgpj

CALLER: Hello.

DISPATCHER: This is 911 dispatch.

CALLER: (INAUDIBLE). Girlfriend and me hiking about a half hour off the road. We think we heard gunshots. (INAUDIBLE). Lots of them really fast and then there was a loud one, like maybe something blew up.

DISPATCHER: Sir, are you near where you heard the gunshots?

CALLER: No, no, man. We were pretty far from the sound even when it was happening. (INAUDIBLE). We’re down near the bottom of the hill now.

DISPATCHER: Are you injured or did you see anyone get hurt?

CALLER: I don’t know man. There was a lot of shots. (INAUDIBLE). Like uzi… machine guns or something. Like in the movies.

DISPATCHER: Sir are you injured?

CALLER: (INAUDIBLE). No we’re both fine, man. But whatever was going on there it was pretty serious, man.

DISPATCHER: Okay. How long ago was this?

CALLER: We hiked about a half hour down the hill, so maybe 40 minutes ago?

DISPATCHER: Okay. We’ll have someone go up there and check things out. You should stay away from that area.


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