Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Missing

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Missing


Yesterday, news emerged of gunshots and a possible explosion at a site believed to be the Acolyte’s Enlightened Compound.

New developments have emerged about that story… This leaked transcript between the Acolyte and Hank Johnson reveals that her Compound was indeed attacked by unknown forces — and more importantly, that she lost something very important in the chaos: Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.


JOHNSON: Heard about the 911 call. What happened?

ACOLYTE: Everything is under control.

JOHNSON: That tells me two things. One. Something happened and two, things are not under control.

ACOLYTE: We were attacked. We thought we’d repelled them, but when it was over, Lynton-Wolfe was gone.

JOHNSON: I’m on my way, but let me start now. Who are they? How did they attack?

ACOLYTE: I don’t know any of those answers. They appeared suddenly and with excessive force. When they retreated, they took their fallen with them, and none of my people saw anything that could identify them.

JOHNSON: Do you think they kidnapped or killed Lynton-Wolfe?

ACOLYTE: All I know is that Lynton-Wolfe has simply htmamip3hseh27r2 vanished.


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