Jahan's Denial

Jahan’s Denial


I’ll admit… When I learned that the Acolyte’s compound was attacked, I was fairly certain we would trace this back to Jahan and the Anti-Magnus group.

Hank Johnson had the same thought, it seems, and confronted her with the question.

So, I guess the question is, do we believe her denial? Her logic is sound, but it’s hard to know who else would have a motive…


JAHAN: It’s good to hear from you, Hank. Have you decided to finally pick a side?

HANK: There are a lot of sides. But I’m not your enemy.

JAHAN: Nor I yours. But that’s not why you are contacting me.


JAHAN: You are wondering if I kidnapped or killed Dr. Lynton-Wolfe. If I was behind the attack that happened a few days ago.

HANK: That was on my question list.

JAHAN: You of all people know that I would not attack an Enlightened compound. It would invite similar violence against my holdings. Nothing would be gained from such a conflict.

HANK: But one of your operatives might have. Perhaps Mr. Smith?

JAHAN: Smith has many loyalties. If he did it, it was not under my orders.


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