Burned Bridges

Burned Bridges


A reminder that the list of enemies Lynton-Wolfe has made in the last few years is very, very long. And while he (and Calvin) may have the benefit of no longer having the memory of those betrayals — others have not forgotten.

As we unravel the mystery of what happened at the Acolyte’s compound, we’ll need to be watching a lot of different forces and their motivations.


CALVIN: Yuen. Long time no talk.

NI:   So, how much do you remember of the last three years?

CALVIN: Not a whiff. But as I’ve reconstructed the last few years, it seems that you and I are friends. Are we friends, Yuen?

NI: Is that what you’re contacting me about?

CALVIN:   Partly.4dyp5aas2k0e

NI:   And the other part?

CALVIN:   I’m trying to figure out who kidnapped Lynton-Wolfe.

NI:   You think he was kidnapped?

CALVIN: I know he’s missing. So it leaves two options. Either he was kidnapped or he ran.

NI: There’s a third option.

CALVIN: He could be dead. I’m hoping that isn’t the case.

NI: I’m surprised you’d care. He kind of left IQTech in the lurch.

CALVIN: Fortunately, I don’t remember that.

NI:   Lorazon does. And he also remembers that Lynton-Wolfe left Hulong on poor terms.

CALVIN:   You wouldn’t tell me if it was Hulong who launched the operation on the compound, would you?

NI:   I wouldn’t, but we didn’t. What makes you think it wasn’t IQTech. He stole from them just like he stole from us.

CALVIN:   You’re right. I can’t be sure it wasn’t these guys. Or the NIA for that matter.

NI: If it was the NIA, I’d assume Lynton-Wolfe is dead. Phillips is a simple man that way.

CALVIN:   Seems like a lot of people wanted Lynton-Wolfe vanished or dead.  Not the least Anti-Magnus.

NI: Aren’t they your people too?

CALVIN: On the outs right now. Recursion is a complicated thing.neilzdonzitwhdkgtnhinrvpvs



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