PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 1, 2016

Last week’s success has rapidly transformed into this week’s calamity. Who’s to blame? Can’t say for certain, but I do know one thing: Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s efforts in recent weeks to research the Obsidian Shield and restore XM did not go unnoticed, and whatever’s going on now seems to be a direct result of his work.

Just one week ago, we were celebrating the success of the #IngressPortalSurvey (catch the highlights in the most recent Ingress Report). OLW had promised his research would continue, and the future looked bright.

Then, word came that the Enlightened Compound in Northern California where the Acolyte and OLW were had been attacked. We still don’t have details on the extent of the damage, but we do know that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe has vanished without a trace.

The rest of the week has been marked by a pursuit for the facts. Hank Johnson immediately placed himself into the situation and then confronted Jahan — a likely candidate based on your responses to a recent Question of the Day —  but their conversation suggests that she wasn’t responsible, she doesn’t know who was, and… perhaps more importantly… she and Hank are not on opposite sides in all of this.

Elsewhere, Ezekiel Calvin tried to find his own answers by questioning Hulong Transglobal’s Yuen Ni. She denied that Hulong had anything to do with it, but reminded Calvin of other parties (like IQTech and the NIA) who might have a vested interest in kidnapping OLW. I’ve been listening to a lot of theories about what happened (for example, the ones discussed here in an Operation: Essex post). I think Agents are doing the right thing by digging through OLW’s past to look for clues. The truth can’t stay hidden forever.

Just hours ago, Agents helped us make progress on a different thread of the investigation. Following a clue that led to a statue of Prometheus in Hungary, Enlightened Agents @Zadmin and @Kaccka uncovered a message from Obsidius to Marcus in the aftermath of Mt. Vesuvius’s eruption. I could probably devote a whole Weekly Wrap-Up to what we could draw from this letter… but I think these two bits of information were most intriguing to me: The first is that Cybella disappeared — suddenly — as if into thin air. The other, is that before she vanished, she promised that one day, mankind would wield power like what the Romans believed their gods possessed. It seems to me there’s no coincidence this clue was uncovered at a statue of Prometheus.

This week we also came across news about the emergence of AUTOBACS into the Portal Network, The company had been part of the development of NL-1331, and I’ll be curious to see how they help empower and propel adventure-seeking Agents out into the world.-5-4–19-9-6-1-0–2-16-0-0–6–18–10-0–4-8-15-14-19

Going into next week, here’s what I’ll be keeping an eye on: Can we figure out who was behind the attack on the compound and what their motives were? What does this mean for XM, the Obsidian Shield and Aegis Nova? I’ve seen some commentary exploring Vesuvius, the mythology of Prometheus, and more modern phenomena, but I suspect that there is even more to be discovered.

Before I wrap up (pun intended), Behind the Scanner is hosting a debate on May 5 about the XM drought; I expect it’ll be a vibrant and interesting discussion — recommend you tune in.

As always, observe, think, question, and share your observations with the community. The more ideas and resources we have before us, the stronger we are.


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