Not Always



Enlightened Agents in Hungary helped locate and retrieve this letter from Obsidius to his friend Marcus this past weekend — I mentioned the recovery and this letters’s contents briefly in my Weekly Wrap-Up yesterday.

Here’s the letter in full. I’m sure you can see why I find its contents intriguing.



This world has become strange and dark, all things familiar are lost. I do not know what my place here is anymore. Yesterday, Cybella came to see me. It had been some days since we spoke, she has been watching the clouds of ash from a distance, seeking portents and omens. I told her that I believed this calamity was caused by what the Vesuvian Magnus had done — using the Obsidian Arrowheads and the strange Glyphs to usurp their power.

“They could not control what they sought,” she said. I nodded in agreement. “Only fools would believe that they could wield the power of the Gods.”

She looked once more to the billowing darkness that hung over Pompeii. “Yes. For now. But not for always.”

I heard a deep crackling from Vesuvius and turned. When I looked back, Cybella had vanished. I could not have been distracted for more than a moment.yown/wbeb/pjwr,limp I can not explain it.

I have sent out people to find her but there is no word or trace. The ruins are still not safe but should be after the rains come as long as the volcano does not erupt again.

While searching for Cybella I spied the treacherous Syphax. Unfortunately, he also saw me. I am going into hiding in hopes that I am better at concealing myself than he is at hunting me. It seems that the skills we practiced in Germanica and Judea are going to be put to a serious test.

I do not know when we will speak again.05/19/6/37/-13/6/19/39/-10/31/-8/29/3/36/-19/11/11/27/3/29/-17/28/-19/19/6/37/-4



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