A Mission in San Diego


Since that clue emerged yesterday via Susanna Moyer, I’ve been digging to learn more.

Here’s what I’ve found out, in large part thanks to the Investigators who helped uncover what it was hiding last night.

The clue pointed to a Portal called ‘The Bear‘ on the UC San Diego Campus, and the numbers decrypted to a timestamp: This coming Saturday at 1:30PM.

A little further research revealed that Flint Dille (if that name is familiar, you’re paying attention… he was accosted by Tycho at Comic Con 2012 and accused of being part of a conspiracy to cover up Portals and XM) will be giving a talk around that time…

According to a source, a mission there will reveal ‘some very interesting information’ about just who was behind the attack on the Acolyte’s Enlightened Compound.

I would keep an eye on this.


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