Redacted Report on Enlightened Compound Attack

The source who has been dropping information about the mission at UC San Diego this weekend just sent this heavily redacted document my way. I also learned some additional details about what’s going down on Saturday, which I’ve added to a G+ Event page to make things easier to keep track of.

Given the source, I suspect this document and event in San Diego are connected. I’ll be keeping an eye on this, hopefully Agents on the ground can help us piece this together.

Here’s a transcript of the document. Given the major redactions, take it for what it’s worth:


Here is the report you requested about the attack on the Enlightenment Compound that took place on April 25, 2016.

Hard information is sparse. Satellite imagery revealed little of value. The attackers arrived suddenly. They breached the gates and spread through the compound, engaging in multiple small skirmishes before retreating. What is puzzling is that despite the scale of the destruction, REDACTED. It initially appeared as if the goal was only to REDACTED specific objective.

Comms intercepts were more revealing. Just before the attack, REDACTED received a message instructing REDACTED. Satellites showed a REDACTED 6 minutes before the attack.

In addition, it appears that the 501260111441501151011541011101111540501540501710 of the attackers may have been due to REDACTED. The operatives received REDACTED. It is possible that the REDACTED.

By contrast, the 805183547071637679886152507077. Enlightenment forces REDACTED immediately after the attack began. They defended REDACTED. Attempts to gain REDACTED. Even when he was at the compound, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe was not REDACTED which makes the security level REDACTED.

Network analysts have attempted to REDACTED commands issued to the attacking force. REDACTED originated from REDACTED. We have previously seen REDACTED.

We have no casualty assessment at this time. The Acolyte, the leader of the Enlightened group, is known to have survived, and a signal intercept revealed that REDACTED some days after the attack.

The identity of the attacking force is unconfirmed. Lynton-Wolfe had recently REDACTED. Despite this, intel suggests that none of these organizations were behind the attack. Currently, the most likely culprit is REDACTED although its reasons for REDACTED attack can not be explained.

It should be noted that most of our detection equipment experienced severe disruption while attempting to study this region, and it should be considered a region of anomalous XM activity.

This should be a subject of separate discussion.






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