Mission in San Diego: Accomplished

Agents from both Factions lent our Investigation a hand today in San Diego. The Enlightened were the first to complete the mission, and Resistance Agents recovered some of the missing fragments to help us get a complete picture of the attack on the Enlightened compound. To all those who were on the ground, and to those who helped organize, energize and analyze its fallout: You have my gratitude.

We were able to recover all the redacted portions from the Intel Report that emerged a few days ago. Here it is in its complete state. There’s a lot to talk about here. I’ll let you folks get the discussion started in the comments, and I’ll weigh in with my thoughts in tomorrow’s Weekly Wrap-Up. Be sure to tune in.





Here is the report you requested about the attack on the Enlightenment Compound that took place on April 25, 2016.

Hard information is sparse. Satellite imagery revealed little of value. The attackers arrived suddenly. They breached the gates and spread through the compound, engaging in multiple small skirmishes before retreating. What is puzzling is that despite the scale of the destruction, its directionality appeared random. It initially appeared as if the goal was only to disrupt the security of the compound, not achieve a specific objective.

Comms intercepts were more revealing. Just before the attack, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe received a message instructing him to leave the compound immediately. Satellites showed a vehicle exiting and driving south 6 minutes before the attack.

In addition, it appears that the apparent random behavior of the attackers may have been due to signal interference. The operatives received conflicting orders, often spaced just seconds apart. It is possible that the identity of their command structure was spoofed.

By contrast, the defending force was single-minded. Enlightenment forces withdrew and surrounded a single, isolated cabin immediately after the attack began. They defended this position with almost fanatical zeal. Attempts to gain imagery of this cabin failed due to unexplainable equipment malfunctions. Even when he was at the compound, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe was not present in or near this cabin, which makes the security level around it hard to explain.

Network analysts have attempted to back-trace the message sent to Oliver Lynton-Wolfe as well as the false commands issued to the attacking force. Fragments of these signals originated from multiple networks simultaneously. We have previously seen this method of transmission used by the artificial intelligence, ADA.

We have no casualty assessment at this time. The Acolyte, the leader of the Enlightened group, is known to have survived, and a signal intercept revealed that Lynton-Wolfe contacted her some days after the attack.

The identity of the attacking force is unconfirmed. Lynton-Wolfe had recently unlocked and distributed stockpiles of Power Cubes that were the private property of Hulong, Visur, IQTech and the NIA itself. Despite this, intel suggests that none of these organizations were behind the attack. Currently, the most likely culprit is the artificial intelligence, ADA, although its reasons for both launching and simultaneously sabotaging this attack can not be explained.

It should be noted that most of our detection equipment experienced severe disruption while attempting to study this region, and it should be considered a region of anomalous XM activity.

This should be a subject of separate discussion.



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