Top Line Report: San Diego Intel Mission


For those of you who will be on the ground in San Diego tomorrow and are new to the Investigation, here’s the top-line:

On April 25th, a 911 transcript was discovered revealing that a compound belonging to the Acolyte (a leader of the Enlightened Faction), had been suddenly and unexpectedly attacked.

We don’t know who did it, or why. In fact, that’s the big mystery we are trying to solve.

What we do know is why the compound was a likely target.

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, the brilliant XM scientist, had made some incredible breakthroughs working there in the last few weeks — first, he released a large stockpile of Power Cubes, and then he returned some XM to the Portal Network (both of these with the aid of Ingress Agents around the world).

Thanks to these actions, the recent XM drought was greatly alleviated. Lynton-Wolfe was aided in his research by the artificial intelligence, ADA, and while her true motivations are difficult to know, it does seem that she played a crucial role in OLW’s research.

So how does that lead us to San Diego? Someone sent the Ingress Report’s Susanna Moyer a clue that led to a date and time — The Bear Portal on Saturday afternoon.6983098964768885779162966598

After that, I started to do some digging, and I gained access to a redacted document that seems to cover a great deal of information about the attack on the compound. I strongly suspect that the missing information in that document will be recovered via a mission at the Bear Portal on Saturday.

The details are at the event page here.

Let’s hope I’m right, and that we can figure out what really happened at the Enlightened compound.

Agents, you know the drill. If you learn something, realize something or have something to add to the conversation, hit the comments section.

And if you’re on the ground in San Diego, be sure to join the conversation and share what you discover — we’re counting on your help.


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