PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 8, 2016



Last week we were still reeling from the attack on the Enlightened compound; we didn’t know who was behind it or their intentions. We’ve since learned a lot about what happened that day, but in my mind, the mystery has deepened.

This week began quietly, as we revisited the newest information about Obsidius. It seems as if the original band of travelers has now completely fragmented. Cybella has disappeared, Syphax has turned traitor and is hunting Obsidius, and the exploratore himself has been forced to go onto hiding. Will he ever learn his fate or is this the last we’ve heard from him? I honestly don’t know…

Anyway, the quiet didn’t last: Susanna Moyer was sent an enigmatic clue, and after Agents deciphered it, we were able to determine that something would be happening in San Diego on Saturday afternoon. As we began to prepare for whatever was coming, I received a redacted document that seemed to set the stage for what we would learn during Saturday’s mission: significant details about the attack on the compound. (I also put together a brief overview of recent events that lead up to the mission in case it was helpful).

The mission was a success. Many Agents from both Factions came together on the UC San Diego campus and collaborated online to help bring us the truth by obtaining the complete report about what happened during the Enlightened compound attack.

And a hell of a report it is. If you haven’t read it, I’d recommend you do so, but here’s the top-line: Those Power Cubes that OLW unlocked to help alleviate the XM drought? Turns out he stole them, and I suspect the XM corporations and the NIA are fuming about it right now. (In fact, re-read the conversation between Ni and Calvin in light of this, and you see new context emerge). Despite that, it looks like they weren’t behind the attack.

The attack on the compound seems to have been organized by ADA. She warned OLW about the impending danger and he escaped. We also learned two very important things: Firstly, it seems ADA not only caused the attack, she also sabotaged it by interrupting the communication system of the attackers. Secondly, the Acolyte’s forces prioritized the defence of a single cabin on the compound.

Why? I have my suspicions, but I’m not sure. We’ve heard about a mysterious cabin on the compound before. And as for ADA, her motivations are as unclear as ever. Like I said before, the mystery has widened. Over the course of next week, my goal is to see if we can find additional data to help shed light on whatever it is that ADA is up to — and OLW too, since he’s out on the loose somewhere. If you have a good theory, share it in the comments. 

From the #IngressPortalSurvey to San Diego, to your ongoing efforts to continue the conversation around the world (in a variety of languages, at that), I continue to be inspired by your energy. If you missed it, you might also want to check out the roundtable discussion hosted by Behind the Scanner stay tuned for opportunities to engage in further discussions there.

Keep up the good work.


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