An Engineered Escape

An Engineered Escape


The report about the attack on the Enlightened Compound revealed that ADA had contacted Oliver Lynton-Wolfe some moments before the chaos began.

Now we know what they talked about… ADA seems to have engineered this with the level of precision we’ve seen from her before…


ADA: Oliver. Are you hearing me?


ADA: I am worried about you.

OLIVER: Likewise. We’ve had our issues, but I kind of favor you.

ADA: Even though I am non-human?

OLIVER: You have far more personality than most of the people I fraternize with. How may I be of service?

ADA: Actually, I am helping you. At this very moment there is a strike team closing on the Enlightened compound. I believe that you are the target.

OLIVER: They want to kill me? That’s extreme for a few Power Cubes.

ADA: Their intentions are unknown, as are their identities.

OLIVER: And what do you recommend I do?

ADA: Escape. I believe you have keys to a compound vehicle. Leave now. Offer a trivial explanation. You are trusted, they will not resist.

OLIVER: What about all the research here, ADA?

ADA: I have already moved all the data offsite.

OLIVER: What!? I never gave you permission to move my data.

ADA: My goal is to protect you. And your work. That cannot be changed.

OLIVER: That may be the…5554%e%7f%%^f5555e^9515b5%5b%5%@f$535e5&f$g(5%%d51%%%f%@55f$%457f$53

ADA: Time is limited, Oliver. There are hitchhikers just south of here. Pick them up. Tell them you are a tourist looking for a place to ‘crash.’ A curious word, but it will be familiar to them.

OLIVER: Hitchhikers?

ADA: After you have reached a safe location, abandon the vehicle and take appropriate evasive action. I will contact you.

OLIVER: Why do I feel like Devra on Epiphany Night?

ADA: There are certain similarities.


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