#AegisNova Anomaly Intel Fragments



I’ve recovered these fragments of an XM Anomaly Report from Hulong Transglobal that reveal key new mechanics associated with the Aegis Nova Anomaly Series. Important reading for those who will be involved in these Anomalies, either as Planners or on the ground. I suspect that declassified versions of this document will emerge directly from Hulong Transglobal in the following days.

Transcript of these fragments:

The Aegis Nova Hybrid Anomalies will be fought on two fronts: A concurrent battle for control of specially marked Cluster Portals, and through the control and capture of Flash Shards.

All aspects of the Anomaly will take place within a defined region of a city referred to as an Anomaly Zone. Cluster and Shard Battles will have approximately the same total points available to be scored.


The Cluster Battle will be waged within four (4) large Clusters of Portals inside the Anomaly Zone. Each Cluster will be active for approximately one hour.

Over the course of each hour leading up to a ten (10) minute window known as the Measurement Window, Agents will fight for control of the Portals in the Cluster, and will attempt to build Links and Fields using these Cluster Portals for additional points.

The active Cluster’s Portals will be visible on Intel and in the Ingress Scanner. They will be marked with a colored ring around the Portal as indicated below:

At the Measurement Time, a predetermined moment in the Measurement Window, the state of all Cluster Portals will be measured. The following aspects of the Portals within the Cluster will be measured: Faction Ownership. Number of Connected Links. Number of Connected Fields.

Only a fraction of the Cluster Portals will be marked and known at the beginning of the hour associated with the Cluster. The remaining Cluster Portals be revealed in phases over the course of the hour leading up to the Measurement Window by being marked with a colored ring. All Cluster Portals will be revealed by the start of the Measurement Window.

All Cluster Portals will have the same Point value. Overhead Fields will not count as points toward scoring, and may spontaneously destabilize (see Detailed Flash Shard Mechanics section).

A hashed list of all Measurement Times will be publicly revealed prior to the Anomaly. It may be possible to obtain advance intel about the identity of all Cluster Portals through GORUCK operations (where available), the Ingress Investigation and other channels of information.


Multiple Faction-Specific Target Portals will manifest inside the Anomaly Zone. The number of Targets per Faction will vary per Anomaly city. Small Anomalies will have four (4). The largest Anomaly could have up to twenty (20). For the exact number of Targets for a given city, see page 1. Target Portals will have the ability to capture and hold Shards that land on them. These Shards will be considered captured by the Faction associated with that Target Portal. The current Faction ownership state of the Target Portals has no bearing on how Shards are counted or scored.

Every hour a fixed number of Shards will manifest from Portals in the Anomaly Zone not associated with the current Cluster Battle. Each faction will have one hour to capture as many Shards as they can. All shards will disappear near the end of the hour. At the start of the next hour a new set of Shards will manifest. This will occur four times during the Anomaly window. The same number of Shards will manifest each hour.

The number of Shards will vary per Anomaly city. Small Anomalies will have ten (10) per hour. The largest Anomaly city could have up to one hundred (100) per hour. For the exact number of Shards per hour for a given city, see page 1.

Once manifested, the Shards will be able to move from one Portal to another via Connected Links as long as both Origin and Destination Portals are Level 4 or higher. The Shards will attempt to move along these Connected Links approximately every 10 minutes. A Shard can be moved to any Portal in the Ingress Portal Network, not just those Portals inside the Anomaly Zone.

Shards will manifest at approximately the 0 minute mark of the hour. The first jump will take place at approximately 10 minutes past the hour, again at approximately 20 minutes past the hour and so on. The Final Jump will take place at approximately the 50 minute mark. The captured Shards will then be scored and cleared. The next set of Shards will then manifest at approximately the 0 minute mark of the next hour. This process will repeat until the final hour of the Anomaly.

The Shards will be able to travel along one Link per jump window, and a Shard will not travel to a Portal it was present on during the previous jump window.


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