An Unexpected Change


I’m fairly certain I saw it too, Agents. Did you? Sudden and unexpected changes in the Portal Network… increased XM across all Portals and some changes to the way Turrets behave as well…

How did that happen? Are these two things connected? How might this connect to the events of the recent past?


NI: We…

LORAZON: As in Visur, Hulong, IQTech…204-255-000-178-236-093-000-020-168-118-255-122-044-022-008-255-222-173-019-136-008-179-139-109-080-200-120-220-220-220-110-127-128-255-064-064-239-204-000-197-179-088-228-113-122-100-084-082-218-145-000-255-000-255-101-067-033-236-213-064

NI: Yes. We benefit from cooperation as much as competition.

LORAZON: I remember the term co-opetition on a slide-deck during a corporate visioning session.

NI: I imagine that was Calvin. He’s a believer in that idea. How is Zeke doing?

LORAZON: He retains his title while on sabbatical.

NI: What does that mean?

LORAZON: He’s an advisor. We all know he had some things to sort out.  bguvrytrhdbgtrqdyhtwonrwfxyhsskz

NI: Then I’ll get to the point. Are you seeing what we’re seeing?

LORAZON: Yes, and more perhaps. It would be interesting to know if Visur is in agreement.

NI: They are. Already checked.

LORAZON: You went to them first?

NI: So why have the XM levels suddenly risen?

LORAZON: And the turrets. Different and more dangerous. Connected?

NI: Possibly. But why? We don’t even know if he has a new lab yet. Or they. Either way.

LORAZON: We have theories.

NI: What are they?

LORAZON: You first.


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