ADA's Motives

ADA’s Motives


In a surveilled conversation, Hank Johnson and the Acolyte discuss the implications of the report recovered by Agents in San Diego.

The Acolyte firmly believes that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and ADA were behind the recent changes to XM and Turrets in the Portal Network.

For now, I think it’s important to remember that she could be wrong. We don’t have the full picture yet.


ACOLYTE: Hank… Did you see the report?

HANK: Who hasn’t? Maybe OLW, if he’s… being sheltered from it.

ACOLYTE: It strongly suggests ADA was behind the attack.

HANK: Not so much an attack as a cover-up. They were in cahoots.

ACOLYTE: That doesn’t make sense to me. Oliver simply drove out. He had access to… cars, people, resources… anything he wanted!

HANK: Maybe he didn’t see it that way?

ACOLYTE: No, that’s ridiculous. He wasn’t under guard or lock and key. He was a guest! A valued one. His every whim was catered to twice over, and I think you know he’s a man of many whims.

HANK: Then what the hell were ADA’s motives?

ACOLYTE: They weren’t obvious before, but they are now.

HANK: You think it was her and OLW behind the XM and Turret changes?

ACOLYTE: I’m certain. I’m certain of it.

HANK: But how? They were working on the Obsidian shield….

ACOLYTE: Last time he wanted to punch a tiny hole in it. It took the help of thousands of Agents.

HANK: And now… what… he just snaps his fingers and it vanishes?

ACOLYTE: Or changes.

HANK: Changes?

ACOLYTE: Cybella’s warning: First the shield, then the sword.

HANK: I’m not following.

ACOLYTE: What if they aren’t two different things?


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