PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 15, 2016


Our week began with a revelation, one brought to us by Agents in San Diego:

The destructive attack on the Enlightened compound — the one that caused Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to go to ground — was caused by ADA.

We began this week with a single question: Why?

And then this happened:


Without warning, XM production from the Portal Network spiked rapidly, and that wasn’t all. Turrets, one of Hulong’s first forays into XM Construct development, suddenly re-emerged greatly optimized and far more aggressive.

So, was this the answer to our question? It’s a possibility. Here’s the evidence we’ve got on that front:

1) The Compound Attack Report talked about two conversations, one that took place just before the attack and the other some time later. Transcripts of both emerged this week, confirming that ADA warned Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to escape, and in fact suggested to him that some unknown external force wanted to harm him. Given that Lynton-Wolfe had stolen a very large number of Power Cubes from some very powerful people, he had every reason to believe her.

2) In the second conversation OLW confirmed to the Acolyte that he was safe but he also said something telling: that he was wanted because of his knowledge of the Obsidian Shield. That he and ADA were just a few steps away from something incredible.

3) Then, the Portal Network changes happened. This conversation between Lorazon (IQTech) and Ni (Hulong) emerged and, if they are to be believed, revealed that none of the big XM corps were behind the changes.

4) The cherry on our evidence sundae was a surveilled call between Hank and the Acolyte. The Acolyte’s pretty sure ADA and Lynton-Wolfe were behind the changes in the Portals, and at this point, I’ve gotta say she doesn’t sound too crazy.

Here’s why this is interesting, and why it’s scary: If Lynton-Wolfe and ADA have figured out how to cause such major changes in the Portal Network in just a matter of days and with little or no outside influence… well… that’s a lot of power. That’s the kind of power that a company like Hulong, or IQTech, or Visur, or any country in the world would…

Let’s just say they would go to great ends to enjoy exclusive access to such power. And right now, that power lies solely with an ambitious AI. Lynton-Wolfe, after all, is trapped in a fictional bubble of her creation, one crafted with smoke and mirrors.

The chips are falling. And next week, I suspect we’ll see where some of them land. Mark my words, Agents: The struggle to gain access to this new and immense power is going to shape the landscape through Aegis Nova.

Before I go, two other big items that deserve your eyes this week: The first was a document from Hulong that revealed some compelling facts about how the Aegis Nova Anomalies will function — a must read for anyone who is planning on being involved with them. The other was Susanna Moyer’s latest Ingress Report, she covered some truly remarkable Sitreps in an aptly titled show called ‘Inspired and Inspiring Agents.’

OK. You know the drill Agents. That space below this post, the one where you can make a comment — that’s where your power lies — the power to ask the right questions and point out the what that I may have missed. Use that power. Shape the world.

Until next time.


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