What separates us from ADA

What separates us from ADA


What separates us from ADA? I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to answer that question, but Jahan narrows the scope in her own evaluation. In her mind, the future she wants the N’zeer to help create is very different from that what ADA is pursuing.

For Jahan, this is a humanitarian mission, one founded in empathy and human need. What do you think?


JAHAN: What do you make of ADA’s raid on the Enlightened compound.

HANK: I was thinking maybe she was a proxy for you.

JAHAN: I should think it’s clear that ADA and I have significantly different agendas.

HANK: Not that different.

JAHAN: What do you think my purpose is, Hank?

HANK: A N’zeer future.limibqn/yowltvnwsyiehgyuyowo

JAHAN: There isn’t one N’zeer future, Hank. I would hope you would understand that.

HANK: Don’t play wounded.

JAHAN: I’m not the wounded one, Hank! I am privileged. I remember the last time I was powerless, and it was a long time ago. But…

HANK: But?

JAHAN: There are people out there who are not like you and me. People who put their children to sleep hungry at night.

HANK: And that’s what separates you from ADA?

JAHAN: I should think that’s what separates us all from her. Empathy. Purpose.

HANK: I’m pretty sure ADA has a clear purpose.

JAHAN: The Obsidian Shield. It’s more powerful than any of us imagined.


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