Pointed Inquiries


Check this out. An internal NIA letter just revealed a possible lead into what’s happening with ADA and Lynton-Wolfe. Apparently, some feelers have emerged checking into the salary requirements of scientists who could help support an XM lab.ab87888aa97c96987d967b7c97af77ad9a

If this is true, it confirms that ADA and OLW are up and running at a new facility. That’s fast… ADA’s attack on the compound was just a few days ago…

Maybe they took over an existing facility?


Director Phillips:8lmw8qaprzdehv2t3g

Pursuant to your request for information regarding Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and A Detection Algorithm, we may have a lead.

An inquiry has emerged looking into salary requirements for researchers whose skills would be helpful in supporting a stand-alone XM research facility.

The hit came through a dangle ‘scientist’ we have been grooming for just such a circumstance. Should we proceed with potential onboarding?



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