PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 22, 2016



Consider that my word of the day… (For those of you who are new to things, I used to share a word every day on my old Investigation Board. When I retired the Board, Jojo Stratton kept the tradition alive).

Anyway, momentum. That’s what this week has felt like to me. Behind closed doors, poring over every strategy and edge case, Agent leaders have been weighing the odds to try and claim victories on Saturday. In the shadows, the forces that we cover in our Investigation have been doing much the same. Everything is hurtling towards a decision point.

When this week began, we were coming to terms with the fact that ADA and Lynton-Wolfe had turned themselves into a force to be reckoned with. An NIA document confirmed what we had strongly suspected: ADA and Lynton-Wolfe were up and running in a new lab. They had singlehandedly solved the XM drought and reinvented Hulong’s Turret Mods over the course of just a few days, and, as I promised, chips were beginning to fall.

Despite the many things they have in common, Jahan (in a conversation with Hank) revealed strong concerns with ADA’s possible future activities. It seems her concern lies with the Obsidian Shield itself — that it may have powers beyond what was previously understood.

A cryptic message from Nigel Moyer (discovered by Resistance Agents in London following a clue found in one of Hulong’s maps) suggested something similar — that the Shield could be transformed — weaponized. Perhaps, that is what it needs to become the Aegis Nova.

And then, from left field, Klue surfaced. She said that she was struggling with the aftereffects of her separation from ADA, and that the Acolyte had offered to help. That she had seen Jarvis in a dream, and his presence provided her solace. And that she intended to visit the Acolyte’s compound to seek their help in curing her torment.

If Hulong Transglobal’s latest Anomaly Intel is to be believed, Klue stands at the fulcrum of the Acolyte’s agenda against ADA. She intends to use Jarvis’s presence within the Portals to probe Klue’s mind for ADA’s weaknesses.

If the Enlightened are successful this coming weekend, ADA may be at risk.

In the coming week, I’ll be hoping to uncover more details about this plan. I’ll see many of you soon, in Brooklyn.

Investigators, stand with me. Anomalies control our pathway through time, and we must be clear about how the power we have will impact our futures.

Stay tuned in, and keep talking.

Until next time.


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