Scott and Anne: The Compound

I’ve been corresponding via G+ for the last few days with a person who I’m only going to identify as ‘Anne’ for her privacy. She’s given me permission to release some of our conversations and the email she’s received.

Here was her first message to me:

I don’t know who else to tell about this. I can’t exactly call the police, but this is weird. My boyfriend and I went down Highway 1. — the coast road in California. Somewhere near Big Sur we found a portal. Something more than a portal. Anyway, it turned out to be a kind of campus. A big lodge, some out buildings, tents, even tree houses. They gave us a place to stay and fed us. We took classes about XM. We went on hikes. The people were nice, but so… charged… intense. After a few days, it started weirding me out. My boyfriend, Scott, had the opposite reaction. He’s been coping with PTSD. It seemed to make him feel good. But I had to get out of there. Had a strange… vibe. I left. Told him I’d come back for him. Took the car down the coast. Stopped for dinner. Went back and I couldn’t find the place. The portal was gone. Tried texting him. No response.


I told her it was likely she had found the Enlightened compound. The question is how she was able to find it when so many people haven’t. I know Kureze had a theory about phase shifts, but that’s above my pay grade. I told Anne all she could do is wait. I didn’t feel good about it, but what better advice was there for her?

Then, I got this from her… An email from her boyfriend. I’m beginning to suspect the compound is an ‘anomalous region’ like the 13MAGNUS nest in Afghanistan or Jahan’s palace. They don’t exist exactly in our world all of the time. Slight dimensional shifts. I don’t know whether the leaders control this or Scott was able to get in because he was a sensitive.

She told me she had tried to reply but she’s not sure they are getting through. She’s asked for my help to get him out of there. I’m just not sure what I can tell her.

Here’s the email she received from Scott:


Please come back. Look, I know it wasn’t the same for you as for me. but it’s not like you said. It’s not a ‘cult.’ I’m not brainwashed. I’m me. But I feel something very real at the Portals and people here get that. They understand. I think in time you can feel it too. Some people are just more tuned in at the beginning. The Acolyte calls them ’sensitives,’ like me, but she says that everyone has the capacity to feel XM. It just takes time.

I need this. You know what I was like before. I couldn’t even think straight. Whenever I got my act together those movies would start playing my head and it would all fall apart. Blood. Dust. Tom and Brayden lying in pieces. You know how hard it’s been for me ever since I got back and you know that I’m better now. I’m better with you. XM gives me a way to live inside my own head. Better than what the VA was able to do. Just a bunch of forms and docs who didn’t really give a damn.

But I can’t be at peace here without you. You believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. I was a mess. How the hell you put up with me I’ll never know. And whatever you saw in me, whatever it was that caused you to stick around, I am eternally grateful for that.

Some people here said that Klue is coming tomorrow. You know, the girl from the videos. I think she really feels this stuff, like I do. And no, I’m not into her like that. You are the only person for me. But I want to see her.

The Acolyte is gone. Things are calmer here now. I haven’t seen the goon squad with the guns in about a week. I think things could work for us here now. I want to see you. Come back.



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