Scott and Anne: Klue’s Arrival


Anne sent this my way just a few moments ago — it’s another email from Scott at the Compound.

At this point I’m certain that her replies to Scott are not getting through, most likely due to the anomalous nature of the facility. And what the hell is going on with Klue? I knew she was going to be at this compound for some kind of ‘healing rite,’ but this is different. This feels dangerous.


You didn’t write back or maybe the XM around here is messing with my phone but that’s ok. Just please read this. Klue did come like I said. She arrived this morning. They sent everyone to the meeting hall before she came but I stayed back. I think they counted heads because they put up the ‘missing person’ flag and security is roaming around looking for someone, I think for me.7i87rsru5tehvysy

They took her to the backside of the compound, down in the canyon. To the cabin. You know the place that we saw on our hike. Do you remember when I asked the Acolyte about it at the Friday all hands? I’ve never seen her lose it like that before. She told everyone it was dangerous. Something about dark XM. So why are they taking Klue in there?? Makes no sense.

I stayed for a few hours and kept watch. No one came out. It’s dark now. The security guards are nothing but mall cops. They are not going to find a US f’ing force recon marine like yours truly. I’ve got a nice little spider hole dug out to hide in where I can watch the cabin. I figure I’ve got 24 hours on this phone if I turn it off when I’m not checking mail.vr4rsntaawnu6d7maq

Anne, I love you. Hang tight. If anything bad goes down call BigDaddy, the guy we met on the GORUCK. The email is in my duffel bag at the motel. He can take care of things, even if they get squirrely. Be careful if you go back there. You know, eyes in the back of your head and all that. And don’t trust that scumbag who runs the place. He’s got a thing for you.

Don’t let all of this turn you against the Enlightened stuff. It’s real. I think the cabin’s a Portal. I feel warm here. Safe. Everything would be perfect if only you were here too.



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