INGRESS REPORT – Klue's Fate – May 26 2016

INGRESS REPORT – Klue’s Fate – May 26 2016


En route to Brooklyn for the first Aegis Nova Anomalies, Susanna Moyer covers some amazing sitreps, including Operation WaveStar, an XF-Nova in Seoul, nuptials and BAFs in Sri Lanka, Operation Mayflower and an incredible Ingress road trip.

In recent days, Klue has been taken in at the enlightened compound in order to heal emotional scarring from her union with ADA. But is there an underlying agenda? An attack on ADA? The first Aegis Anomalies will control if Jarvis can reach into Klue’s mind and find ADA’s weaknesses.

And what does Nigel Moyer know about Aegis Nova?

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