Scott and Anne: The Voice


Another communication from Scott to Anne. This is getting intense. What should I tell her? What could I tell her?

Anne, it’s morning. I went up to the cabin last night. Tried to get a look in the window up close. there were three or four of the mall cop wannabes in the front room. I didn’t see Klue but something weird is happening in the back room. The shutters are closed back there. When I got close to that part of the house I almost blacked out. It didn’t feel bad really… but it vibrated way down deep. Reminds me of what it felt like when they opened up from the AC130 that time in Afghanistan that I told you about. When they ripped up the whole frigg’n hillside. I could feel a pounding deep in my gut. Puked right there by the cabin. Then I heard some crazy chatter right in my head. Not like the flashbacks. This was real but I couldn’t quite make it out. Like an AM radio that’s not quite tuned in. Some dude talking to a woman. Klue, I think. but how could I hear it? I think it was an XM thing. Me being a sensitive and all I think I tuned into whatever is happening in the back of the cabin.\51\35\04/06/27\26/18\12\06/18\17/17\09/24\20/19\37

I’m back in my hole. They won’t see me here. Got it all fixed up with branches. Kind of cozy actually. Going to catch some z’s. I’m going to go back down tonight. I think I know how to get inside. If I don’t write back, call BigDaddy.



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