Scott and Anne: Klue in danger?


Just received this from Anne. If anybody has any contact with Scott, please notify me. This is very significant. I’m really worried about Klue. I think it is becoming evident to all of us that Scott is a very high level sensitive who has become aware of things that certain people would rather stay hidden. The secrets of the cabin is out now, and there’s probably going to be hell to pay.

The way Scott describes what’s happening to Klue… I wish there was something I could do… As for Scott himself, I am sure they are looking for him, but I think he’s good at taking care of himself.

This is going to be the last message. I wish you would write me back. Or maybe the signal here is too weak. Battery’s is on 5% and fading. I went in. Back of the cabin was like up on stilts because of the slope down the canyon. I found an access hole underneath and I just popped right in. Figured I’d surprise the crap out of Klue and help her out if she needed it. Anne, I can’t tell you everything now but something really strange was going on. There was a body in there. I’ve seen a lot of bodies and just about everything that can be done to them. But I haven’t ever seen anything like this. It was all dried out like a mummy or something. Black. The arms and legs were curled up like a baby sleeping. But this wasn’t no baby. Like 100 pounds of burnt beef jerky. It was curled up on a cot and there were flowers and plates of fruit laid out all around it and outside the cabin. Incense and little oil lamps were burning. But that wasn’t the part that got to me. Klue was in there like I thought she would be. But she kind of wasn’t there. She was sitting in a corner all sweaty and dirty. There was some kind of visor or something over her face, like one of those VR things that we saw over at Jeff’s house. But it was like sewn onto her head or something. I don’t think she could take it off. Not that she was trying. She was just slumped over like a vegetable. And then I heard those voices again. But this time it was all clear. The guy was Jarvis. I’m sure of it. We listened to those recordings together. He was talking to Klue, real nice, real sweet. Saying that ADA was bad, that she was trying to replace humans with machines. He wanted something she had. Like ADA had left something with her, a memory or something. Jarvis wants it and Klue won’t give it to him. That’s when the flash came. The vibration hit me again like before. I think one of my ears popped cause it started bleeding. Those wannabe mall cops came in and tried to hassle me. I took my ruck off and caught one of them in the face. Had about 40 lbs of gear it in so I don’t think it felt too good. Caught the other guy w/ a nice little sweep kick and rolled through the door. I’m headed for the coast. I think I can swim out and the up far enough to get out of the compound. Then I’ll figure out how to get to LA. OK. Phone’s dying. See you soon.




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