PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 29, 2016



Yesterday, thousands of Agents joined forces around the world and fought to place their stamp on the future. I saw their pictures, I heard their stories… from Tainan, Rotterdam, Chiang Mai, Manila, St. Paul, Savannah, Cape Town.

They surrounded me in Brooklyn. I heard about their bike teams and their GORUCK victories. Their link-bursts, and their incredible shard strategies. The upsets and the moonshots and the pride in victory, resilience in loss.

But in truth, I was only thinking about one person the whole day. I was thinking about how the events of the day would affect her.


Over the course of the last week, her story has unfolded. And it wasn’t pretty.

Last week, Klue emerged from a long period of silence and revealed that she had been suffering — that parts of ADA remained in her mind and were haunting her. She also shared that she had been invited to the Acolyte’s compound to take part in some kind of healing ritual.

We were fortunate to have a window directly into the Acolyte’s compound when Klue arrived, but that gain came at a price to someone else. Earlier this week I was contacted by a young woman named Anne. She and her boyfriend, Scott, had somehow managed to find the Acolyte’s compound and spent an extended period of time there. Scott loved it… Amy not so much. She decided to leave and then come back to pick him up, but when she did, the compound was gone. And she couldn’t reach him… but somehow emails from him were coming through to her. It’s becoming pretty clear that the compound is an anomalous XM zone that exists both within and outside our universe.

Scott’s emails to Anne are worrying to read. They reveal that Klue was placed in a cabin with Jarvis, and had fallen into some kind of stupor while there. Scott’s description of the place is disturbing. Plates of fruit and incense surrounding the mottled and distorted body of Jarvis… Klue, catatonic in a corner covered in sweat and dirt.

If the Enlightened won (and they did), the Anomalies were supposed to help Jarvis reach into Klue’s mind for the threads left there by ADA.

But there are unanswered questions… will Jarvis’s gain also be Klue’s? Will extracting these pieces of ADA and discovering her weaknesses help Klue recover, or just damage her further?

We don’t know yet, but Aegis Nova has begun and the Enlightened have emerged victorious.

I just hope Klue isn’t the cost of that victory.

There are other open threads as well. Scott, the brave man, an ex-marine, who brought us this important news… I don’t know what his status is. And Nigel Moyer, who may be the only person who knows what is really going on with the Shield — Susanna was looking for clues about him in Brooklyn. I heard she found something, but I don’t know what yet.

Aegis Nova isn’t over yet, there are a lot of mysteries we still need to solve. As always, I’ll need your help. Stay vigilant, stay aware and keep talking.

Until next time.


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