Devra in Tainan


Image by Agent Joseph Kuo

Devra Bogdanovich just shared an update about the reasons she travelled to Tainan, as well as how she has been faring since the events of Abaddon.

It seems her struggle to reconstruct her mind fully is a continuing process… and while Agents were able to help her recover some lost memories in Tainan, much work remains.

As many of you know, I was in Tainan this weekend, and I wanted to share why.

My guess is that many of you know more about my life since everything that happened at CERN than I do. In some ways, I don’t want to know what horrible things I did while a simulacrum, in other ways, I should know.

There is one particular period that that I have no way of retracing, but I was told that I could find what I wanted to know in the Portals at Tainan. These fragments were created by Felicia Hajra-Lee. She may be my best bet at learning these parts of my own past.

Agents helped me recover some of these fragments, but not all of them. I appreciate all the help I received, but I suspect I’ll need more favors in the future.

Until then, I’m spending most of my time in a shared office that I only have for 6 hours a week at a Junior College where I am filling out Spring semester for a professor who was taken unexpectedly ill.

I was lucky to get the job.

I resigned my previous tenured position as part of a deal to avoid lawsuits and potential prosecution for the activities over the last three years that I have no memory of. There was a little bit of a settlement, so I didn’t have to work to make ends meet, but I do have to work just to keep my mind working and in shape. I have to return to some sense of normalcy. I have to rebuild. 9f3t7ait6fdo

In truth, I remember nothing after my onboarding at the Niantic Facility. I have learned that that’s because I was murdered and turned into what is known as a simulacrum. Now, my old simulacrum has ended and a new one has been formed, and that’s me… like a backup restored on a computer. Except without any of the actual backed up data.

Strange times…

Devra Bogdanovich via Google+


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