After Brooklyn


Lorazon and Yuen Ni discuss where things stand after the Enlightened victory during the first Aegis Nova Anomalies.


LORAZON: Do you have any information about what happened this weekend?

NI: Hulong’s Anomaly data was declassified. We kept no secrets.

LORAZON: That’s not what I was talking about. I meant…

NI: Klue? And Jarvis?


NI: We have never been able to isolate the Anomalous Zone that contains the Acolyte’s compound.

LORAZON: Neither have we, but the XM levels across the entire California coast were dangerously high during the Anomalies.

NI: We saw the same. And a giant spike at the very end, after Brooklyn.

LORAZON: The Acolyte tends to romanticize things, speak in metaphors and symbols.

NI: But she’s not a liar.

LORAZON: I agree.

NI: So you think they succeeded. Jarvis reached into Klue’s mind and found… what?

LORAZON: Jarvis has a singular focus. An end to AIs, forever.


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