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Not Currently Possible



The Acolyte is troubled by Hank’s relationship to Jahan.

It’s a fair concern, but Hank’s doubts are well placed as well… did the Acolyte really have Klue’s best interests in mind? She used the Enlightened victory to help Jarvis reach into Klue’s mind for the fragments left behind by ADA, but can we trust her description of how things really went down?

Why won’t the Acolyte let Hank talk to Klue?


HANK: Were you planning on sharing where things stand at your camp?

ACOLYTE: What is your relationship with Jahan, Hank?

HANK: Don’t trust me anymore?

ACOLYTE: I respect you, Hank. You are an unparalleled sensitive.

HANK: Doesn’t really answer my question.

ACOLYTE: The lines in the sand are growing deeper, and I need to know that you’re on my side.

HANK: I’m Enlightened.sitnidenmoftimkpwnfip

ACOLYTE: And yet I doubt you. I doubt your relationship to Jahan.

HANK: You’re entitled to your doubts. I’m not letting go of mine.

ACOLYTE: We are not selfish, Hank. Klue will benefit from Jarvis. Where he found pieces of ADA in her mind, he left bliss.

HANK: Then let me talk to her.

ACOLYTE: That is not currently possible.


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