Body found in Brooklyn



Someone interested in the Investigation sent this my way. It’s possible it could be connected to recent events, but I’m not sure yet… too early to tell.

Let’s keep an eye on this for now, hopefully more details will emerge.


Authorities are attempting to identify the body of an elderly man who was found floating near a Brooklyn beach Wednesday night. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause and time of death.

NYPD Detective Daniel Selka said Thursday the decedent was likely a patient at a medical facility as the body was found clothed in what appeared to be a hospital gown and had multiple IV tubes attached to his arms. However, no area hospitals have reported any missing patients.

Selka said that the puzzling case was made more difficult by damage caused by marine life “nibbling on the body,” and that he is awaiting the autopsy’s results to confirm that damage to the body was postmortem. “It is too early to determine if the death was accidental. The truth is it’s going to be hard to reach conclusions until the body is identified,” he said.


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