NL-PRIME revealed

NL-PRIME revealed

A source just sent these documents my way… it appears that an XM research group in Japan (if I had to guess, it would be IQTech-East) has been working with Willer Travel on a project called NL-PRIME.

Based on their research, it seems NL-PRIME is a hyper-saturated mobile XM environment that can be used to identify ‘extraordinary’ sensitives for future recruitment. The feats these sensitives seem able to perform are remarkable. Read on for the details.

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Transcript (English):

ATTENTION: Major A. Tsukasa


Based on the data sourced from NL-1331, we divided our research into four phases. The final phase of our research, testing high level XM response, is now complete. As expected, reactions to the hyper XM-saturated environment inside NL-PRIME varied from mild pleasure to extreme hyper-awareness. Three high level Sensitives were identified from a candidate group of twelve.

Candidates 3, 8 and 9 (the high level Sensitives we identified), showed promise far beyond what we had initially hypothesized. This transcript from an interview exemplifies what we observed:


CANDIDATE 8: Did I sense the shadows of XM? Of course. There’s a Portal here, too. Well, there was, 1300 years ago. A garden. Peaceful. Then, a fire. Two died. I can sense them, too.


CANDIDATE 8: Don’t bother asking your questions. Yes, I can access memories with 100% accuracy. Yes some of those memories are not my own. Yes, I am currently visualizing multiple timelines simultaneously in great detail. Yes all my other senses are hyper-aware…

RESEARCHER: … those are not the questions on my list, sir.

CANDIDATE 8: That is the data your questions are designed to acquire. Pass my answers on to your supervisors and they will be satisfied. May I go?

As you had predicted, Major Tsukasa, the high XM dose enabled these Sensitives to do things we previously did not consider possible. During her interview, Candidate 3 noted that one of our researchers was not feeling well and should be sent home. This researcher was in a building 2 km away at the time and had never met Candidate 3 or been in her presence. The enhanced state lasted nearly 11 days.

At this stage we recommend field testing begin. Willer Travel’s designs for the NL-PRIME project are nearing completion. NL-PRIME should be deployed so that high-level sensitives from the broader population can be identified for recruitment.

Transcript (Japanese):

受取人: 司アキラ少佐6w8qbtoe9lhy5h

NL-PRIME 第4段階調査報告書


候補者番号 3、8、そして9(高レベルセンシティブと特定された)は、当初の想定以上の結果を見せた。以下は、面接において観察された記録である。

研究員: あなたは…

候補者8: XMの影を感じたか、ですね? もちろんです。ここにはポータルも存在する。いや、1300年前にあった、ですね。庭園。平和な。その時、火が…。二人が死にました。彼らを感じます。

研究員: そして…

候補者8: 質問するまでもありませんよ。ええ、私は100%正しく記憶にアクセスできています。ええ、そのうちいくつかの記憶は私のものではありません。ええ、私は今複数の時間軸を同時に詳細に可視化できています。ええ、すべての感覚がすごく鋭敏になっていて…

研究員: …それらは質問リストにはありません。

候補者8: あなたの質問はこのデータを取るためにデザインされたんですよ。この答えを上司に持って行けば、きっと満足されるはずです。一緒に行きましょうか?


この段階において、フィールドテストの開始が推薦された。ウィラー・トラベルのNL-PRIME の設計は完成に近づいている。NL-PRIME は、高レベルセンシティブを幅広い人々から特定し募集するために配備されるべきである。


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