PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 5, 2016


I’ve spend most of this past week trying to follow up on the repercussions of the Enlightened victory at the first Aegis Nova Anomalies.

What we knew going in was that the Acolyte wanted to use the XM energy generated by an Enlightened win to launch a plan against ADA. Jarvis was going to reach into Klue’s mind and find subconscious patterns left there by the AI. Those patterns, in theory, could be used to discover ADA’s weaknesses and develop an attack against her.

Based on a few different pieces of information we found this week, it seems the plan was a success. A conversation between Yuen Ni and Avril Lorazon, high ranking executives in the world of corporate XM, confirmed that a massive energy spike was witnessed along California’s west coast after the Anomalies ended. A second fragment, between Hank and the Acolyte, revealed that Jarvis had successfully reached into Klue’s mind. What we do not know yet is whether Klue was harmed in the process.

About two weeks ago, reports by an Agent known only as Scott revealed that Klue was locked in a cabin on the Acolyte’s compound with the body of Roland Jarvis. Scott described her as being in a kind of comatose state.

All this information has done very little to put me at ease… I’m very concerned for her safety.

There was one other major development this week, and it concerns Susanna and Nigel Moyer. Nigel Moyer was apparently present on a small ship off the New York coast during the Anomalies last week, and made contact with Susanna while there. He gave her a cipher key that he had used to encrypt his research about the weaponization of the Aegis Nova Shield.

Yesterday, I came across a news article which revealed that an elderly man’s body had washed ashore. If that deceased person is Nigel (and for Susanna’s sake I hope that isn’t the case), Susanna Moyer is now the sole possessor of a very powerful secret. Either way, I suspect that in the coming weeks access to this valuable information will become increasingly critical for people like Jahan and the Acolyte.

Two other minor threads emerged this week: Devra Bogdanovich shared some details about her path to recovery after her recursion during Abaddon. It seems she has been using new material written by Felicia Hajra-Lee to reconstruct some of her lost memories. In addition, a Portal Clue emerged from an anonymous source who identified him or herself only as Thera. I do not yet know what the clue leads to.

In the coming week, my focus is going to be twofold: First, I want to find out what Klue’s status is… has she been harmed or healed? Acolyte: I urge you to allow Klue to speak to us. Second, I want to find out what happened to Nigel Moyer. Is he’s safe? Why has he gone to such lengths to hide his research? Just how powerful is this information?

Stay tuned in, Agents. Much remains in Aegis Nova.


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