Susanna’s Visit with Nigel


Susanna Moyer shares the details of her visit with Nigel Moyer.


As was reported this past weekend, the body of an elderly man was found in the ocean near Brooklyn and many are speculating that this is my father, Nigel Moyer.

An autopsy is underway, and I don’t know anything that is not publicly known and am working with Detective Selka to identify the remains.

I have my reasons to suspect that this was not my father.

My father was being attended by private medical staff. The circumstances of his shipboard hospitalization are murky to me. I do not know whose ship it was or, indeed the name of the ship as I was blindfolded when taken to and from the ship.

It’s clear to me the staff didn’t particularly want me there, but I suspect Dad forced them to let me meet him.

Dad was alive and relatively vital when I left him. He did not seem to be in pain or discomfort, but perhaps that was due to some kind of sedation. He spoke to me briefly, and with some difficulty. He whispered either all of or part of an encryption key to me that could be used to access his files, including his research about the Aegis Nova shield.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think he gave me the key to protect me. He knows me so well. He knew I would tell the world I had it. I suspect that in the coming days, people will go to great lengths to gain access to this data. No matter what happens, they won’t jeopardize either of us. If we are hurt or die, the key is lost.oquuwqotoovwnfwetawtsyumw

I am once again being pulled into the center of things. I intend to continue my work with the Ingress Report, but it is clear that I am going to have to play a bigger part. My father’s situation makes this deeply personal.

-Susanna Moyer via Google+


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