Hank: The Aegis Nova Conflict


Hank Johnson discovers a lost Obsidius fragment, and shares his current thinking on the Aegis Nova conflict.

Strange series of events. According to some Agents who have been involved in the most recent Portal Clue hunt, one of my breadcrumbs was discovered at a Portal on Santorini. I have no way to confirm this, but something strange did happen. When I was checking my inventory to look at that Media Object, I found an Obsidius journal entry in there. Can’t explain it. Maybe I hacked it when I wasn’t paying attention, maybe it just appeared. Either way, it’s weird.

I intend at some point to do a Nomad episode on Obsidius. Unfortunately, for now, I have many other pressing matters at hand. I have been in contact with both Jahan and the Acolyte. It seems clear that the Acolyte has been able to exploit Klue’s presence at the compound (and in the cabin) to discover many things about ADA that I am certain she would have preferred remain buried in Klue’s mind. It’s put Jahan on edge. From her point of view, the only path forward is to use Nigel Moyer’s research, weaponize the Aegis Nova shield and attack Jarvis before the Acolyte’s plan comes to fruition.

Many things are in motion and I feel as if I’m attempting to avert a catastrophe, though I can only speculate on what that catastrophe might be.

We are living in dangerous times and my task is made more difficult by whatever this alliance between ADA and Lynton-Wolfe might hold, by Jahan and the Acolyte’s increasingly targeted attacks against one another’s allies, and by Nigel Moyer, whose secret knowledge about Aegis Nova now sit in the middle of all this.

As for Obsidius, I think that his journey with Cybella ranged over far more of the globe than I had previously suspected. It would not surprise me if he could pinpoint anomalous zones that have since been hidden by prime objects or the evolution of the Portal Network. I suspect that more stories about his journey are out there. Over time, I hope they will all come to the surface.

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