Brooklyn: The Suspects


Who was behind the boat near Brooklyn during the last Aegis Nova Anomaly? The pieces are slowly coming together. We know that Nigel Moyer was aboard. We know that Susanna was able to meet him, briefly, and they had a short conversation — probably a ploy to attempt to gather intelligence by whoever controlled the boat. We know a body washed ashore some days later.

In this leaked transcript, IQTech’s Avril Lorazon confronts Hulong Transglobal’s Yuen Ni with suspicions that the Asian XM corporation may have been behind what unfolded in Brooklyn. However, based on her response, it seems the true culprit may be someone else.


LORAZON: We need to talk.

NI: Then talk.17m691m7212698459&3p3m2468802436547&2p2m3m281m23083330619

LORAZON: Nigel Moyer. This boat in Brooklyn. That was you.

NI: It wasn’t us.

LORAZON: Our evidence points to you, and I’m inclined not to believe you right now.

NI: We lost track of Nigel after London. Your intel says no different, so trust it. And yes, we were trying to track him and…


NI: And have a conversation. Let’s be honest, if his research is everything we think it is, so was everyone. So were you, and we know you were.

LORAZON: No point hiding it.

NI: If the Aegis Nova shield can be controlled, configured to the nth degree…

LORAZON: Its power could be immense. Something powerful enough to starve XM from the world…

NI: Targeted, focused on a single point.


NI: You’re right we wanted to talk to him. But this wasn’t us.

LORAZON: Wasn’t Ilya either, I’ve confirmed that.

NI: So did I.

LORAZON: So, if I believe you, and let’s say I do, the list of possible suspects is pretty small.

NI: Jahan, the Acolyte. They would be at the top of my list.

LORAZON: Mine too.


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