Obsidius Fragment: A Long Journey Ahead


Saw this emerge in a private group. My sources tell me that Resistance Agents Bent Stinessen and mmqlz helped recover this from a Portal at a runestone in Norway.

If anyone knows additional details, please add them in the comments.


Thus far, I have eluded Syphax, but I instinctively know that he is not far behind me.

If nothing else, he is a worthy opponent, pitting my ability to elude against his own ability to hunt.

At some point, I will turn the tables on him and become the hunter, but for now, I must move forward.

I am seeking the Northmen. Their ability to sail great distances is well known. I am traveling from port to port in search of a legendary tribe of Northern traders who are believed to be able to sail far into the sea to distant lands.

My compass and the stars are telling me that a long journey lies ahead.$%~!%!%~!&~&!~#^~&~!%@~@~!&~#~%!^~&~!^!~#^~!&~@&~!^


It will not only separate me from my pursuer but also from the tragedy of Vesuvius.


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