PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 12, 2016


We’re about two weeks out from the next Aegis Nova Anomalies, and a clearer picture of what’s at stake is beginning to emerge.

We know from evidence uncovered last week that the Enlightened plan to probe Klue’s mind for information about Jarvis was a success. That process is underway, and it is likely it will result in a devastating attack against ADA — one facilitated by intimate knowledge of her every weakness.

Now, we are beginning to understand just how the Resistance may be able to counter this disadvantage. It all leads back to Nigel Moyer — his research on the Aegis Nova shield lies at the heart of this.

In Brooklyn, at the Aegis Nova Anomaly that took place there, Susanna Moyer was able to make brief contact with him and exchange part of an encryption key (the key encrypts all his Aegis Nova discoveries). We don’t know who the boat belonged to, but we’ve managed to narrow down the list of suspects. Right now, my money is on Jahan, but we don’t have the evidence to confirm it yet. Either way, it seems Nigel was being held on that boat for ulterior reasons, and the meeting with Susanna may have been one of many ploys designed to extract information from him.

Any way this deck gets cut, it’s clear that the weaponization of the Aegis Nova shield is at the core of the upcoming Anomalies. If the Resistance are able to gain control of this powerful construct, it could be used to strike directly at Jarvis, protecting ADA if possible. I’ll be continuing to pursue this line of inquiry in the coming week.

We also learned this week about a new development from a Japanese XM program (most likely Akira Tsukasa’s IQTech East): NL-PRIME. The leaked document I recovered suggests that his mobile XM environment is able to hyper-saturate its passengers with XM, identifying those who are the highest level sensitives for possible recruitment. It’s another reminder that the game of dominance in the world of XM is accelerating at breakneck pace, and the powers that be are going to increasing lengths to find an edge.

Some additional Obsidius fragments have emerged as well. Hank Johnson remains deeply interested in the voyage this ancient sensitive made. His knowledge of the ancient world of XM could be useful to us in the coming days.

My focus for the coming week will center on Nigel Moyer and his knowledge of the Aegis Nova Shield. And I suspect I won’t be alone in trying to learn as much as possible about this.

Until next time.


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