The #SaveKlue Resurgence


For just a second, I’m going to take off my neutral Investigator hat.

I am extremely heartened by the re-emergence of the #SaveKlue movement, with some groups of Agents even bringing #SaveKlue signs to NL-1331 appearances.

I have been saying less than I’ve wanted to about the ugly fact that it appears that that the Enlightened leader (aka the Acolyte) has captured Klue and she and Jarvis are hacking her brain for a backdoor into ADA. I get the theory. Desperate times call for desperate measures. ADA and Lynton-Wolfe have gone rogue on us and have become exceedingly powerful. They have uncovered secrets about the Aegis Nova that should have remained hidden.

I know how devastating this could be for both the Enlightened and Resistance factions. At the same time, to co-opt Klue’s brain in an attempt to use her as an entry point to ADA crosses an ethical line. Acolyte… you need to provide some assurance that you will not harm Klue. As the #SAVEKLUE protests grow, you are going to be held accountable.

And lest it be said that I’m ignoring the other elephant in the room, I think those of use who can put 2 and 2 together know that Jahan is either actively or tacitly behind the morbid events surrounding Nigel Moyer.

These are not the actions of leaders.nriieseingeikeapoa


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