The Acolyte’s Response on Klue


It seems the comments I made yesterday, along with some incitements from Dr. Wright, have prompted a response from the Acolyte. Here is the message I received earlier today:

I am greatly disturbed by the misunderstanding that seems to have been caused by our recent attempts to liberate Klue of the last traces of ADA’s invasive influence.

We mean only the best for Klue. She was infected with AI in ADA’s perverse desire to experience humanness in its many dimensions. While Richard Loeb’s efforts to liberate Klue returned her to a semblance of normalcy, he was merely treating symptoms. We are attacking the disease. We are healing the scars.edbffefdbeedbfbbefecbbedbeedcedfeefcbf

As Dr. Wright should well know, mental reconstruction is a long and difficult process. He should be helping us in these efforts, not inciting protests against us.

As to Mr. Loeb (aka P. A. Chapeau): Why do you blame us for attempting to fix a problem that you were in no small part responsible for creating? ADA was partly your invention, you must own her actions. You are as responsible as Dr. Frankenstein was for the actions of his monster, no matter how good his intentions might have been. You, like Dr. Wright, should be helping us to clean up your mess. I expect both an apology and an offer to help in leading humanity away from the brink of N’zeer domination, a brink that the AI, ADA, has played a large part in bringing us to.wjdv5uvrsfdut5usjzvnbnfn



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