Body in Brooklyn. A Cover-Up?


A source at in the Brooklyn police department agreed to speak with me (way, way off the record).

I just got off the phone with her. Here are the notes of my conversation. They shed a significant amount of light on the situation with the body that was recovered there some time ago, the body we think might be Nigel Moyer.

Transcript of my notes:


Coast guard approached and boarded boat following an anonymous call to 911. Woman’s voice on call, “British accent.” (Susanna)

Nothing amiss found on the boat (contraband, weapons etc.). captain was “Dark skinned man” with accent that “could not be placed”. Identified self as “Tony Smith.”lhusbhguepbqrguesvisvinh

Paperwork in order. No DMV license, but USCG registration was valid – Owner listed as “Strategy Explorers LLC”.

Boat left NY waters shortly after Coast Guard left.


Coroner’s office under pressure to “clarify” results. Originally unable to pinpoint cause of death. Submitted revised report to change official C.O.D to “drowning.” Officially case closed. NO PRESS.

Damage earlier ascribed to “sea-life” seems to be of “unknown origin.”

“As if the insides of the body had decayed, burned and mutated all at the same time” (Dark XM?) “We have never seen anything like this.”

Must have happened suddenly. “No way anyone could survive more than a few seconds like this.”

Fingerprints and dental cannot be matched for ID due to database errors. Possibly damaged records.

“No, not normal for the ID databases to all have errors like this.”


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