INGRESS REPORT – Dangerous Secrets – June 16 2016

INGRESS REPORT – Dangerous Secrets – June 16 2016

Susanna Moyer shares sad and disturbing news about her father, Nigel Moyer.

His knowledge stands at the center of the #AegisNova Anomalies on June 25th, which are approaching rapidly. On that day, Susanna will be in San Diego with Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. The Acolyte will be present in Sydney, and rumors suggest that ADA has been deploying instances of herself across data centers near Moscow, supporting a theory that she may contact Agents there.

Agents elsewhere undertook some incredible operations, including Op. GetCatCor, Utah Field II, SiSePuede, Double Trouble and more. Susanna takes a deep dive to share the details on these amazing Agent adventures, that included wild boar sightings, trips to exotic islands, road rescues, a wedding proposal and birthday celebrations.



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