PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 19, 2016


I began this week by accusing the Acolyte of mistreating and exploiting Klue in order to achieve her own selfish goal — to develop an attack on ADA based on a detailed knowledge of her every weakness.

The Acolyte did respond to those accusations, insisting that both her methods and goals are to Klue’s benefit.

I don’t know whether to believe her, but it’s clear to me that she’s not playing chess alone. Both she and Jahan are guilty of moving others like pawns on the board.

I had an off the record conversation with someone at the Brooklyn Police and was able to uncover some of the more uncomfortable details about the boat that Nigel Moyer was present on during the last Anomaly. There is no smoking gun here, but there is a pattern, and it points pretty squarely at Jahan. The man on the boat (most likely Antoine Smith, the Strategic Explorations operative) was probably working for her and attempting to extract information from Nigel Moyer about the weaponization of the Aegis Nova shield. Maybe she didn’t intend for his ‘interrogations’ to go as far as they did. But if nothing else, she knew that what kind of a man he is.

On Thursday, Susanna Moyer confirmed what had been feared. The body in Brooklyn was Nigel Moyer.

So that is where things stand as we approach the next Aegis Nova Anomalies. No one’s hands are clean, and the conflict is growing increasingly dangerous.

On the Enlightened side, Klue’s situation is unknown — the Acolyte and Jarvis could be using her as a human hard-drive, scrubbing her mind for every last bit of data in order to further enhance their strike against ADA.

On the Resistance side, Jahan seems willing to go to any length necessary to learn how to weaponize the Aegis Nova shield. Her goal is to strike Jarvis first, thus protecting ADA.

According to Hulong’s recent Anomaly Intel, even though Nigel has died, Jahan is hoping to gain the decryption key to unlock his research by accessing his memories stored in the Ultimate. Even in death, it seems, his secret knowledge will not lie be allowed to rest.

Just under one week remains until the next Aegis Nova Anomalies. I suspect when their dust settles we’ll know just who is on the offensive, who is on the defensive, and perhaps just how much more of a cost we are going to have to bear in this conflict.

Until next time.


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